Lunch Atop Skyscraper, Studio 500 Inc.

A Timeless Memorabilia

On September 20, 1932, high above 41st Street in Manhattan, 11 ironworkers took part in a daring publicity stunt. The men were accustomed to walking along the girders of the RCA building (now called the GE building) they were constructing in Rockefeller Center. On this particular day though, they humored a photographer, who was drumming up on excitement about the project’s near completion. Some of the tradesmen tossed a football, a few pretended to nap. But, most famously, all 11 ate lunch on a steel beam, their feet dangling 850 feet above the city’s streets.

Admiring this iconic NYC photograph, I made this resin sculpture that catches the details of the figures and gives new life to this masterpiece. Available in three sizes, there is a magnet at the bottom of each figure so that it can be sit firmly on the beam. You could display them on a shelf, ledge or desk and are a perfect decoration for your home or office. They are made of resin and painted in the color of pewter.